Kalam’s Story

Kalam – my witty pen

Hi, there. This is Upamanyu. I am a freelance designer by profession. Though I currently stay in Kolkata, but have to frequent between Mumbai & Kolkata.

Kalam is a new addition to my web networks. It is just another place for my writings. Writing has always been my forte. My first experience of writing for the web was at my blog, hosted by WordPress, back in 2011. I started writing my opinions about films mostly inspired by the great reviews published on newspapers and magazines. It was also a way to pass time in the long and boring summer vacations, which soon became a way to loosen up the pressure of the 11th & 12th grade.
Soon enough, I bought my own domain name and shifted the blog to my own domain. Found a new theme called Reviewer on Themeforest, which suited the needs of my blog.

Then time passed, my blog started receiving few selected viewers. And as I wasn’t interested in writing essays as blog posts, I started focussing on writing about the films I loved. But soon enough the scenario changed and I started taking immense interest in writing science articles.

One day browsing on Github, I found a theme by King Sidharth. It was called Anamorphic. Seeing it’s capability and suitability for my website, I immediately jumped into it, and with a few changes published it. Named the new blog Kalam.

Built solely for reviewing, I am happy that the theme works for me, even when I decided to take up writing articles on science.

This was all about my blog, if you want to know more about me, you can read this short bio or you also can follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

Note: As the theme was not out-of-the-box, you might find certain places still with Sidharth’s name on it. Please inform me of such links, which I will correct those immediately.

Upamanyu Das
May 2014, September 2015