Badshahi Angti (2014)

Feluda movies right from Sonar Kella, till the 2011’s Royal Bengal Rohosso has always been a very thrilling affair for me. Feluda, unlike any other detective novels can be enjoyed by people from any age groups.

When the first trailer of Badshahi Angti surfaced, I was very exited to watch the new Feluda movie, but then I remembered that this was a story, sans Jatayu and that discouraged me a little bit. Also Sabyasachi Chakraborty was no longer playing Feluda this time, so that was another point why I felt that this movie would not pan out to be that good as its predecessors. And believe me when Feluda spoke for the first time this movie, I almost expected to hear the heavy baritone of Sabyasachi.

I am sure that everyone watching this movie will be absolutely familiar with the storyline. And though there are few minor changes, the real beauty is to watch a known story, read a hundred times (at least by me), unfold on-screen with such suspense & thrill.

Abir as Feluda has more or less managed to capture the essence, though he falls a little short on the voice and smartness factor. Sourav Das as Topshe, matches the character well, and others are good in their respective role. But the real attraction is Paran Bandopadhyay, who is a really powerful actor and matched the description of Banabihari Sarkar perfectly from the original text.

Though I personally missed Sabyasachi, who is my personal favourite Feluda, throughout the whole movie, there were certain parts of the movie, like a long chase where there are jumps could not have been executed by Sabyasachi.

badshahi angti

Sandip Ray’s screenplay of Badshahi Angti is very tightly woven, and there is not a single moment when I missed Lalmohan babu throughout the film. Though later I speculated how the story would have been with Jatayu in it. The cinematography is brilliant, and this is the first Feluda movie to use slightly muted colours, which makes the movie even more beautiful. The CG animals used in the movie lack a certain amount of reality and could have been better.

The music of the film is well composed. But the original Feluda theme comes in very late into the movie, during the end credits. But it is so well placed that it like always induced a thrill in me.

I am going with four out of five stars for Sandip Ray’s Badshahi Angti. It is definitely a must watch for everyone regardless of age.