Makkhi (2012)

Makkhi, the Hindi dubbed version of the blockbuster Telegu film Eega, is fun. The film starts with a father (Ajay Devgan) narrating a story to his daughter. He starts, “Once there was a fly…”. Then the narrative of the story continues with Jaani (Naani) our hero, who is ardently in love with Bindu (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) his colleague. And for fe moments into the film, he remains in his own fantasy world thinking that Bindu considers him very special.

But soon enough, a lusty business tycoon Sudeep’s (played by Kannada star Sudeep) gangly eyes fall on Bindu, and he, like any other antagonist, trys to take Bindu by force. When, much more obviously our hero try’s to protect his love, Sudeep kills him.

Jaani is reborn as a housefly, to avenge his death and to save his love from falling prey to Sudeep. The animation in the film plays a major part in the film’s narrative. With large glassy eyes, Jaani the housefly doesn’t have the facial expressions that you would see in animated films like A Bug’s Life or Antz, but Rajamouli invests so much personality in the insect by making use of his little body and spindly limbs. The small housefly, has a superhero, comic book quality; you watch half-incredulously, half-amused as this persistent fly drives Sudeep insane. Despite of the animation being a bit fuzzy, SS Rajamouli very cleverly narrates the story, taking popular reincarnation sagas like Karan Arjun and Karz, and turns them on their heads.

I’m going for four out of five stars for SS Rajamouli’s Makkhi. Make sure you don’t miss it; it’s the most fun you’ll have had at the cinema in a long time!