Posto (2017)

From the very popular director pair of the Bengali cinema, Nandita Roy & Shiboprosad Mukherjee comes their latest offering Posto. I went in for the first show in Kolkata which incidentally was playing at a relatively lesser multiplex. The choice of going for the first show was not deliberate but a little forceful, due to some work in the evening. Anyway, Posto the film, revolves around a seven-year-old boy named Posto (fascinating name) and his family.

Posto (newcomer Arghya Basu Roy) is shown to be staying with his septuagenarian grandparents in Shantiniketan. The film begins with a drone shot of Shantiniketan, and students are shown wearing pure white dresses, moving towards the glass made Upasana Griha (Prayer Hall). There the prayer is sung. Posto’s grandparents (Soumitra Chatterjee & Lily Chakraborty sit on the steps, admiring their grandchild.

Posto is shown to be a particularly agile kid and the grandparents are running all day behind him. The love and respect seems to be mutual between the grandkid and the grandparents. All is well. The reason of the kid staying with his grandparents has been made pretty clear in the initial trailer. Working parents (Jisshu Sengupta & Mimi Chakraborty), initially unsettled and unable to support a baby leaves him with the grandparents.

The bonding between a grandkid and his/her grandparents is something on a different level. I know this because I for myself have been fortunate enough to get the love of grandparents in my childhood. The grandparents are enjoying the company of the kid and the kid is enjoying the company of the grandparents. All seems well. But suddenly, due to some serial events and rise of some emotions in the parents of the kid, they want to take the kid back from Shantiniketan to Kolkata with them. Here is where the core plot of the movie begins. I wouldn’t disclose the plot any more than this. But I must say, that what follows is quite a jumbled up affair.

Soumitra Chaterjee as the firm and disciplined grandfather is charming. Though his age very prominent throughout the film. But still it is commendable what he does and is doing in this age. Lily Chakraborty as the grandmother is good. Mimi Chakraborty is good as well as the working mother, but the show stealer is Jisshu Sengupta, as the alcoholic & struggling painter trying to be a good son and wanting to be a good father. The little kid Arghya Basu Roy is also very good as a new child artist, and is immensely expressive even though there is some struggle with the dialogues. Other actors like Sohini Sengupta & Paran Bandopadhyay as the two lawyers are good as well.

The director pair’s best movie till date, according to me is Belaseshe. Posto doesn’t fare as well as Belaseshe, but it has his own charm. Sadly the charm doesn’t last long in the film. Almost an hour-and-half into the movie, and the film takes a very utopian turn. The events that unfold henceforth are jumbled up as the toughest jigsaw. The duration too is against the film. At two-and-half hours, the film is overly overstretched.

I’m going with 2½/5 stars for Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee’s Posto.