A visit to the Place from Dreams

I am a person who dreams too much and then is always short of either time or money to fulfil those dreams. And believe me, most of my dreams are either too time consuming or requires me to be the next Tata or Birla. It was not long ago that I decided to fulfil only the dreams that are in my limit and not those which seem completely far-fetched. Being a freelance designer, there are often days that I have to go without sleep, and since I am not profoundly a day-dreamer, nowadays, most of the days are without dreams.


Nevertheless, along with being a designer, I am also a photography enthusiast. I think, its a great media to express and one that takes much less effort than sitting before a canvas a wondering, with the colours in hands. But I must also admit, that I do not take photographs just for the sake of it, and as explained in this video, I am merely a contributor to the huge body of work, already present.

Now, if you have a look at the ‘photography’ section in my Works page, you’ll see, that I do projects that are self funded and is not really meant for large public viewing or appreciation. But still, I love to hold the SLR, and I love taking photographs of anything that has some importance to me. Amongst other photographs in this section, you’ll also find a post of some animal portraits. These were captured at the local zoo, simply because I did not have the time or funds to go anyplace else where I could find animals.


I have a passion for photographing animals. I am close to being called a wildlife photographer, if only I have had the chance to visit a few more wildlife sanctuaries and reserves. And also recently, I have been wondering about the habitats of big cats, lions and tigers being the protagonist of my dreams. I also dream about, me photographing the animals in their native habitat and in their elements. And where else to photograph the animals other that the Great Masai Mara in Kenya. I dream of being able to visit Masai Mara one day with my tele-photo lenses. I dream of witnessing & photographing the great migration. I dream of photographing the lions while they’re resting, while they’re hunting, when they are travelling and when they’re enjoying their kill.


Alongside Masai Mara, India also holds plenty of opportunities for photographing wildlife. Corbett has always been a dream destination after reading Man-Eaters of Kumaon and knowing about the man that Jim Corbett was. Being a Bengali, since childhood, I’ve heard and read numerous accounts of the ferocious Royal Bengal Tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) and their native habitat, the Sunderbans mangrove.

Along with the big-cats, I also dream about visiting the poles one day, to photograph the emperor penguins and the largest land based predators, Polar Bears. Seeing some of the greatest photographers works, I have always dreamt of honing my skill to a level, where at-least I could place my photographs alongside them. I do not want recognition or fame from my work. My only desire and dream is to do work that is meaningful, work that is worth something in this vast sea of inspirations.

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Note: None of the images used in this blogpost are shot by me (someday, maybe), but are all licensed under the creative commons license.