#TATASkyTransfer Recommendation : 12 Must Watch TV Shows

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I was introduced to TV at a vary small age of four, and similar to all other kids, I was prohibited from watching it, despite my intense desire to watch. It was in those growing up years, that I discovered the shows on my list. But when I was gifted the first mobile, I was deeply into watching the shows on mobile, first by copying and then streaming directly. I think #TATASkyTransfer will solve the hassles and problems faced by the mobile entertainment fans.

1. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1984–1985)


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

I started watching this show around 2010, after many recommendations from my seniors. The show is not chronologically place based on the time of watching, but it deserves to be in the first place. It contains many superb elements combined into one show. Starting with the impeccable Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. He is one actor that I admire even more that Marlon Brando. Despite of knowing the plot of the stories and the climax as well, the show presents a certain amount of tension that is unavoidable. Even if you aren’t a fan of non-HD TV show, do not miss out on this.

2. Hip Hip Hurray (1998-2000)


Hip Hip Hurray

This show revolves around teenagers in the 12th class of DeNobili High School. The show written and directed by Nupur Asthana, was a huge hit in the late 90s. Every character in the show faces the common teenage insecurities and challenges that are portrayed very vividly. The scripting is so smooth in the show, that it feels immensely natural. Along with the elements of Drama, it also give important lessons in a very entertaining package. And of-course the cherry-on-the-top, is the versatile and mature acting by all the superb actors. Though the show had a 2nd Season of the students going off to college, but if you want the real gem, you must watch the 1st Season. It is available on YouTUBE to watch.

3. House M.D. (2004–2012)


House M.D.

Following Hip Hip Hurray, and some other movies and cartoons, I became more focussed on the studies, and TV was a distant dream for me. Come 2008, I discovered this show, and was instantly in love with it. This is often credited as the most accurate medical drama of all time. The show had a team of three M.D.s as executive producers, to fact check the reality of the episodes. This was a show where ideas like atheism amongst others were discussed openly and was given a fair chance to be debated. And as Gregory House himself said,

If nobody hates you, you’re doing something wrong.

When it ended in 2012, I was a bit sad. The antisocial maverick doctor, had won my hearts for complete 8 seasons, each episode equally watchable. Go for it if you’re in or not-in the medicine field.

4. The Mentalist (2008–2015)


The Mentalist

After completing with House M.D., desperately searching for a new show to watch, led me to this show. And after the first episode, I was instantly rooted for the show. This was the first crime-thriller that I was watching. The show begins with the aftermath of the murder of famous pseudo-psychic Patrick Jane’s (Simon Baker) wife and daughter’s murder by infamous serial killer “Red John”. Patrick, decides to find and kill him, and in-between the 5½ season chase for the killer, there are some brilliant episodes, worth watching. Patrick Jane, through his cleverness and quick wit, solves some pretty difficult cases. There also exists a romantic tension between the protagonists that anyone will root for from the beginning. Though the tree only bears fruit, in the last season. There are some pretty complete characters in the film, which are aptly portrayed by brilliant actors. Watch this show if you have a flare for the awesome.

5. Lost (2004-2010)



In between House M.D. and The Mentalist, I simultaneously started watching another show, Lost. and though I was bored for the first few episodes, but soon enough I connected with the show. The show follows the lives of some survivors of a plane crash in an island. And man, some island it was. Full of mysteries and surprises. This was a show, every episode of which I watched being on the edge. And since the show was completed when I started watching, I even watched as many as 10 episodes on some days. The storyline is brilliant, and although it has numerous sub-plots, but the story never loses its original trail. There are some pretty solid characters in the film, that you’ll fall in love with time and over. Even the most villainous ones are bound to hit the soft corner in your heart. Don’t miss this show, if fantasy is the world you would prefer living in.

6. Dexter (2006-2013)



This is a show I started watching while nearing the end of Lost. Though I generally cannot watch blood, gore and graphic violence, its portrayal was so smooth through-out the show that I never for once felt disgusted. The show follows a forensic expert by the day and vigilante/serial killer by the night. Dexter withe his meticulous training received from his father, kills people who he believes have escaped justice. There are many characters in the show that are quite likable. If you love blood and crime, don’t miss the show.

7. The Newsroom (2012-2014)


The Newsroom

The Newsroom, as the name suggests, is a newsroom drama. The show is such well written with carefully planned episodes, that instaliking the show is not a difficult feat. The show stars Jeff Daniels as the protagonist, and the solid actor that he is, he brilliantly portrays the lead cable TV news anchor, his insecurities & fears. Yo’ve gotta watch the show. There are some pretty interesting episodes on some fictional situations, which almost seem real. There are some memorable dialogues in the show, one of them being,

The world is made two kinds of people-the ones who are normal, and the ones who know there’s no such thing – Will McAvoy

Don’t even try to miss this show, if you are or aren’t a fan of good journalism.

Till now I have included in the list, the shows that have ended. Now are few shows that are still continuing. Catch them if you haven’t yet done so.

8. Sherlock (2010- )



Sherlock, is a show that I was skeptical at watching first. Being a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works and an avid follower of Jeremy Brett’s Holmes, I was hesitant to accept the idea of Sherlock Holmes in a modern avatar. But watching the show for the last three seasons, I must say that I am completely “Sherlocked”. The writers of this show, have carefully sculpted the characters to blend into the modern landscape at the same time maintaining the original essence. Though it cannot be compared to the original series, the new reboot brings in a fresh breath of air to the characters. It is also one of the top rated shows on IMDb. Do watch this. One of the best reboots ever made.

9. Person of Interest (2011- )


Person of Interest

Being a practicing fan of coding and computing, this is the show that I connect with the most. Harold Finch, a computer genius has built a machine, surveilling the whole world at once to eliminate terrorist attacks. But with the good come as set of bad, which the protagonists try to eliminate. Though the whole situation in the show is fictional, it presents a scenario which is almost happening in the current world. With the disclosure by Edward Snowden, about the inner workings of the NSA, we face a future which is quite fragile. The show, created by Jonathan Nolan, takes hints from the current happenings of the world and presents a package which is irresistible.

10. True Detective (2014– )


True Detective

True Detective is the first anthology series I have watched. It is single handedly created and written by Nic Pizzolatto. In each season, it follows the story of detectives going to extreme lengths to solve a crime, and its sub events. The first season saw Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson in the lead roles, and the second season had Cillin Farell & Rachel Adams. Both the seasons had a grand beginning but fell back nearing its closure. The show and its dialogues are well written, in one episode Detective Rustin Cohle says:

If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward, then brother that person is a piece of shit; and I’d like to get as many of them out in the open as possible.

This gives an outlook into the creators mindset. He is not afraid of playing with controversial ideas. Try not to miss the show, atleast the beginnings.

11. The Knick (2014- )


The Knick

Again a medical drama, this show follows the personal and professional lives of the staff at New York’s Knickerbocker Hospital during the early part of the twentieth century. The show gives a detailed look into the lives of the doctors during the early 1900’s and the challanges they faced almost daily. The show also explores the society and its restrictions and shackles at the time. We see the discovery of many new and revolutionary surgical procedures which are used till date, one of them being the moderd C-Section. Being a medical dram, the show becomes unbearable at times with too much blood and needles. But if you aren’t a patient of acute haemophobia or trypanophobia, do not miss out on this show.

12. Mr. Robot (2015- )


Mr. Robot

The show only began in 2015, and even completed its first season. In this show we see a socially awkward computer programmer, venting his frustrations through hacking. He also forms several mysterious connection through the same. The show has a darkness that is almost a part of its protagonist. One plus point of the show is its hyperrealistic scenarios. Shows or movies about hacking have never concentrated on the coding part of it, and if they have, they have failed miserably. Mr. Robot brings a new attitude at handling the code, and never makes the algorithm ranch feel monotonous or boring. Even for the non code lovers. Watch this show for some quick bits.

The Shows that did’t make into the List

Being an avid TV watcher, that I am, I have till-date watched 1180 episodes of 30 shows, spending a total time of 1month, 15days, 14hours and 15minutes watching them.

There are some other shows apart from the top 12, that I absolutely love:

  1. Castle
  2. The Flash
  3. Forever
  4. The Blacklist
  5. Once Upon a Time
  6. The Lost Room
  7. Marvel’s Daredevil
  8. Brooklynn Nine-Nine
  9. The Whispers
  10. Humans
  11. Wayward Pines
  12. TVF Pitchers

In the End

I don’t know, how much of the old shows you’ll be able to watch through TATA Sky Transfer (maybe through the VOD service), but I am definite that the newer and continuing will be worth a watch on a patform such as TATA Sky Transfer. Especially for the HD lovers.