The Ideal Yatra – Steps to plan a Trip Meticulously

I’ve always had a great interest towards photography, especially wildlife photography. I love photographing animals. While doing a small photo-story last September, I experimented with some low-key animal images from the local Zoo. It was there, my love for wildlife photography was re-kindled. But, the sad part of all this is, despite all my love and affection towards wildlife photography, I have never visited an animal in the wild. My trips has been limited to Zoos, Aquariums and Botanical Gardens. Sad. I know.

So, naturally when I write about the idea of a perfect vacation, it is pretty obvious that I would definitely choose a forest for my vacation. Well I even have shortlisted the places I would like to visit. Well the first one on my list is Jim Corbett National Park. After reading almost all books written by this legendary hunter, I am too thrilled to visit this place. Bandhavgarh National Park is second on my list and the third and the most-important being the Maasai Mara National Reserve / Serengeti National Park. You, might have understood by now, that I dream big. Maybe even a little bigger than I should.

First, even before starting to plan my trip, I would contact my friends in the Corporates, asking, if anyone is willing to sponsor my trip. If I get a sponsor, it’s well and good. If not, well, then I’m on my own.

Next will come the planning stage. This is my favourite part of the trip. I am a through planner. So, before embarking on any trip, I will plan the whole trip twice, thrice if necessary. I will start by booking a ticket to the nearest Airport via Yatra’s Domestic Airlines search. But, along with searching for a airline, I will also do some research, regarding the best route, if travelling by train or bus is better, then I will choose accordingly, curbing on comfort a bit. I would also make enquiries about the tariffs of the same. During this research, I will come across some good places to visit. I’ll read about their respective history. This generally gives me the idea as to what I would be wanting to draw / photograph.

Then I would proceed onto the Visa, Passport and other document processing, if required (will be, if I travel to Africa). I’ll also look into the accommodations and food available, as I’m a bit picky on comfort and taste. Ideally, I would want to stay at a place like this or this (if I have to compromise owing to budget constraints, typically, in case of a non sponsored trip). I’ll also scrounge the internet for the tech equipments I could carry with me, and also weather I would get Wireless Internet Access in the area (very important for me). This will roughly end the planning part.

After I’m done with the planning I’ll go ahead and make the necessary bookings and reservations. This is the easiest part, if I’m able to make the bookings online or over phone. But it quickly becomes a painstaking job, if I have to run to and fro to the travel agent’s office.

Next comes the packing stage, which I very categorically hate. I’m lousy at packing, and will forget one thing or the other. For this very reason, I make a Wunderlist list of the things I would have to carry from Day 1. Still, some things remain unpacked. In my backpack, I’ll give minimum space to the clothes, toiletries and other daily use items. I do not carry a shaving kit (let the beard grow wild) and the clothing is minimal as well. I give most of the space to the Gadgets like All kinds of Chargers, External HDDs, MacBook Air, Power Bank, Kindle, Flash Drives, SteriPen Ultraviolet Bacteria and Pathogen Killing Water Wand, Airport Express etc. If you’re wondering, I have a separate bag for my camera and related gadgets. Travelling light is a factor, hence I carry the lighter version of every gadget. Packing ends with a sigh and a searing back pain.

And with the last step done, I get out of the house, and embark on The Ideal Yatra. Coming back from the trip, I would hope to bring back as many good sketches/drawings & photographs as possible along with collecting memories that would last a lifetime.

P.S. What ever you read above, was just an IDEA. In reality, I haven’t done any of the steps mentioned above. But this is how I would like My Ideal Yatra to be. I would like to enjoy the Yatra right from planning to the execution.

And as Joseph Stalin said:

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas. ~Joseph Stalin

Have a nice day. 🙂