Where is our Universe?


Curiosity and “questioning authority” are some of the basic qualities that make humans such intelligent creatures. We have been doing it since the time our ancestors walked some 20,000 years ago. Though in the vast Cosmic calendar we get to have very little amount of space for ourselves (merely a cosmic blink), but in this short time of our presence we have explored the world in all the different ways. Science has taken us from the tiniest of the cells to the greatest of the stars.

Being a human, I am no different than the others of my race, I too am a curious soul, seeking for answers. At a very young age, I was introduced to the world of stars and planets by my father, and since then they have fascinated me deeply. As I grew older, I started getting answers to many questions that I had as a child. Since I hadn’t chosen astro-physics as my study stream, I had to purely depend on books, for finding my answers.

Among all the questions I had, one question in particular, that has haunted me for the better part of the decade now. The question of our existence. More precisely, the location of our existence. Where are we? Of course in our Solar System as many of us will answer. And where is our solar system,? It’s at one far end of the Milky Way galaxy. And our galaxy resides in the universe along with many other galaxies holding countless stars and planets. But here comes my question, where is our Universe? Is it some giant continuously expanding ball of darkness residing nowhere? That can’t be possible. A object with such huge mass is surely needs some space to reside!!

With the beginning of my adolescence, I entered the fantasy world deeply, and thought of an explanation, that seemed logical to me. I thought the our universe is a giant ball residing inside a larger ball, which in turn resides inside a larger ball, and the series continues. But that was just fantasy-fuelled imagination. I paid no heed to it, rather forgetting about it as I grew older.

Very recently, reading heavily on universes and being able to understand general relativity quite completely, I think I have found an explanation that can be scientifically correct (though not proven till now), and also answers my question. Now to understand the answer I am about to share, completely, some terms, need to be understood (if you’re not already aware of them).


Let’s start with Black Holes. It’s a quite fascinating place to be at. It’s a place, in space-time, which due to its immense gravitational pull, prevents anything (light included) to escape from it’s grasp. They are formed when extremely large star’s nuclear energy is finished up, and it can no longer resist their own gravitational pull. 🙂

Now, another term being the black hole information paradox, according to which, we could end up in complete different places in our solar system, after entering a black hole. Basically it acts as a tunnel.

Now, once we are familiar with the terms, here is the answer.

While the formation of black holes, and event similar to our own big bang occurs, and it could be possible that whole universes, exist inside black holes. And as a black hole can continuously grow by consuming more and more matter, it can be the reason for the continuous expansion of our universe. This theory also satisfies the multi-verse concept, and many other theories related to our universe.


So next time you wonder, where our universe is, look around you.

P.S This is quite a topic for a great deal of debating. I am not perfect, if you wish to correct me, please connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. (I haven’t still been able to incorporate the comment feature 🙁 )